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A great school like Davis needs a lot of awesome volunteers to run its many programs. This page has all of the contact information for PTA leaders at Davis Elementary.

Please email us if you’re interested in any of the OPEN committee leadership positions.

President – Susanna Anderson, ptapresident@davisdolphins.org
Vice President of Enrichment – Pamela Matthews, vp_enrichment@davisdolphins.org
Vice President of Communications – Alex Holdway, vp_communications@davisdolphins.org
Vice President of Ways and Means – Ashley Malina, vp_waysandmeans@davisdolphins.org
Treasurer – Maya Drinkall, ptatreasurer@davisdolphins.org
Secretary – Laura Daly, ptasecretary@davisdolphins.org
Parliamentarian – Heather Bishop, ptaparliamentarian@davisdolphins.org

Austin Council of PTAs (ACPTA) – Jaelyn Penner, acpta@davisdolphins.org
Campus Advisory Council (CAC) – Milana Noueilaty, cacrep@davisdolphins.org
Teacher Representative – Kerri Alexander, ptateacher@davisdolphins.org

Extra-Curricular School Activities
Davis Players – Chair – Nicole Garry, Co-Chair – Sara Robertson, davisplayers@davisdolphins.org
Math Pentathlon – Ruth Feinstein, mathpentath@davisdolphins.org
Safety Patrol – Jane Donart, safetypatrol@davisdolphins.org
Destination Imagination – OPEN, di@davisdolphins.org

Committees and Sub-Committees
Advocacy – Chair – Claudia Ullrich, advocacy@davisdolphins.org
The Big To-Do – Co-Chairs – Charlotte Ernst and Kayla Radford, bigtodo@davisdolphins.org
The Big To-Do Silent Auction – Co-Chairs – Melody Alvarez and Brandi Glasspoole, silentauction@davisdolphins.org
Blessings in a Backpack – Chair – Meghan Powers, blessings@davisdolphins.org
Book Fair – Co-Chairs – Carolyn Lucas and Jessica Dvorscak, bookfair@davisdolphins.org
Business Sponsors – Chair – Mohini Patel, sponsors@davisdolphins.org
Campus Advisory Council (CAC) – Co-Chairs – Liz Pickard and Lindsay Harris, cac@davisdolphins.org

Campus Beautification – Chair – Sarah Shrader, grounds@davisdolphins.org
Classroom Literacy – Chair – OPENclasslibrary@davisdolphins.org
Dine with Davis – Chair – Wesley Lichtenstein, dinewithdavis@davisdolphins.org
Dolphin Digest – Chair – Alex Holdway, digest@davisdolphins.org
DolphinFest – Co-Chairs – Hayley Drey and Angie Nabors, dolphinfest@davisdolphins.org

DolphinFest Cascarones/Confetti Eggs – Coordinator – Karin Canipe, Co-Coordinator – OPEN
Fundraising – Chair – Katherine Dombrowski fundraising@davisdolphins.org
Membership – Chair – OPEN, membership@davisdolphins.org
Office Support – Chair – OPEN, officesupport@davisdolphins.org
Outdoor Classroom – Chairs – Kathy Provenzano and Julie Hill, outdoorclassroom@davisdolphins.org
Outreach – Chair – Mihaela Baney, outreach@davisdolphins.org
PTA Provides Fundraiser – Chair – Katherine Dombrowski, ptaprovides@davisdolphins.org
Reflections Art Program – Chair – OPEN, reflections@davisdolphins.org
Room Parent Coordinator – Chair – Karin Canipe, roomparents@davisdolphins.org
School Supplies – Chair – OPEN, supplies@davisdolphins.org
Science Fair – Chair – Elizabeth Buhro, sciencefair@davisdolphins.org
Skate Nights – Chair – Karin Canipe, skatenights@davisdolphins.org
Social Media – Co-Chairs – Kate Sidora & Elisha Seybold, ptasocialmedia@davisdolphins.org
Spirit Gear – Chair – Jenna Rosler, tshirts@davisdolphins.org
Teacher and Staff Appreciation – Co-Chairs – Susanna Anderson & Pamela Matthews, appreciation@davisdolphins.org
Trunk or Treat – Chair – Jessica Dvorscak, trunkortreat@davisdolphins.org

Volunteer Coordinator – Chair – Jessica Martinez, volunteer@davisdolphins.org
Watch D.O.G.S. – Co-Chairs – Jory Dille, Bill Tiernan and Frank Strong, watchdogs@davisdolphins.org
Web – Chair – Melinda Schiera, webmaster@davisdolphins.org
Welcome to Davis Club – Co-Chairs – Heather Bishop and Alex Holdway, welcometodavis@davisdolphins.org
Yearbook – Chair – Mary Kay Tiernan, Co-Chairs – Karin Canipe, Weishan Ochs & Kristina Depew, yearbook@davisdolphins.org