Will your child(ren) be riding the bus to and/or from school? If so, here are some important bus behavior rules, some driver awareness tips, and the bus schedules for our school.

After school, bus riders are usually released first so that they can get to their bus before the school becomes crowded. There are teachers/staff in the front of the kindergarten hall, the front lobby, and outside the front entrance assisting the bus riders after school. Buses always and only use the front drive of our school. During dismissal, the front drive is reserved for buses only.

Please Note: Please make sure to tell your teacher in writing if there is a change in how your child is normally picked up from school that day.

Bus Behavior Rules

Parents should review all bus rules with their students.

Students should be seated at all times.

Students are to use classroom voices at all times.

Eating is not allowed on the bus.

All heads, arms and legs are to be kept inside the windows.

Students should be cautious when entering or exiting.

Students should respect the bus driver, bus property and other students at all times.


Awareness Tips for Drivers

WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO PICK YOUR CHILDREN UP FROM THE BUS STOP, HAVE THEM WAIT AT THE BUS STOP FOR YOU. Do not make your children walk somewhere else to meet you, as this might require them to cross the street while the school bus is still there, and you cannot count on other drivers to know the rules and to stop for the school bus. Tragic accidents have happened in situations like this. Also, if your children have to walk somewhere, there is the extra danger that something will happen while they are walking along the road or crossing the street.

Even when the bus driver turns off the warning signals and allows you to continue driving, drive very slowly and carefully, as children may still run out in front of your car.

Even if you are not legally or technically required to stop for the school bus, be very careful and watch for children who may be on the road or crossing the street.

If you see a stopped school bus without its warning lights on, slow down to 5 or 10 miles per hour and be very careful, because children may attempt to cross the road. the bus driver may have forgotten to use the safety lights, or may have turned them off too soon.

If you drive up to children getting off a city bus (as compared to a yellow school bus), be just as careful. The bus may be different, but the children are the same. Be just as careful as if it were a yellow school bus.

If you approach a school bus on the highway, be careful and be patient. Remember that the speed limit for a school bus is lower than for other vehicles.

Remember that we all must work together to protect our children. Expect the unexpected. Children can dart into the street from between cars or in front of the stopped school bus. They may not remember to look both ways for traffic before they start to cross the street. They often pop up in unexpected places. Be extremely cautious when you are driving anywhere children are likely to be.

Their lives depend on you.

Bus Schedules for Davis

To find the bus for your student, either call the office at 414-2580 or go to the AISD Bus Finder Utility. The utility lets you enter your address and then it tells you the correct stop, time, bus name, and bus number for your house.

Once you find the bus, tell your child which bus they are on. Be sure to use the bus name and number. Students usually remember the bus name – ‘Beetle’, ‘Frog’, etc.

Also, your child’s teacher will ask you to fill out a form on the first day of school telling them how the child will get home. Be sure to write the bus NAME and NUMBER on that form so that your child will be shown to the correct bus in the afternoon.