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Davis Elementary School first grade students learned about the continent of Australia as part of our school wide international study in December, 2019. When students learned of the devastation caused by the Australian wildfires in January, 2020, a PBL study emerged to answer the question How can we, as first grade students in Austin, Texas, contribute to the relief efforts to help the animals in Australia that were harmed in the wildfires?

Students and teachers generated ideas and decided to host a fundraiser where they would sell craft items created by the students. Students created handmade crafts and art featuring Australian animals, including koala drawings, echidna figurines, 3D wombats and more! Each class created a different craft to sell in the marketplace fundraiser. Students also created signs to publicize the event and with the guidance of teachers, they coordinated every aspect of the event.

This PBL culminated in 1st grade students hosting an Australian Relief Marketplace, where students, teachers, parents and the community came to purchase arts and crafts, with all proceeds benefitting the World Wildlife Fund Australia. The students were incredibly proud of their work and the fact that they raised over $1800 to support relief efforts!

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