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Attention Parents!

While we try very hard to keep our Kid’s Page links and all the links on this site updated and we have gone above and beyond to make sure these resources are safe, kid-friendly and self-contained – we ask you to please acknowledge that the web is an active, “living” medium and we cannot police the content of every page on every site that links to our recommended sites.

Please take your child’s web surfing seriously and carefully monitor the sites your child “surfs”. We want our children to have access to the incredible knowledge available on the internet, but we as adults must guide them to what is appropriate for their particular level of development.

Tips for Web Safety: Share this with your children!

Instruct your child to NEVER, EVER give out any personal information while on the web. It is NOT a secure medium and there is no way to be 100% sure that your child’s personal information will not fall into the wrong hands.

Personal information includes:

  • Nickname
  • Name
  • City/State/Address
  • Phone Number
  • Grade/School
  • Parents/Friends/Relatives Names
  • Neighborhood Hangouts
  • Hobbies/Sports/Team or Coach Names
  • Where they were born/age
  • OR, ANYTHING that could give someone on the web a way to find your child in person

Instruct your child/ren that if he/she sees anything that they know you would not like, to please close the page. We can’t be with our kids all the time, but if they know our expectations – more often than not they will try to live up to them.

And, most importantly – know who your child is talking to and where they are on the internet at all times. If necessary, download some of the internet protection devices available and install them and keep them up to date. If you use AOL or Road Runner, they have this type of software available for their users.

Here are some commercial examples of this type of software:


Guardian Software