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Math Pentathlon is a volunteer-run after-school program that practices math skills and logical reasoning. We use games to strengthen basic math skills, develop good sportsmanship, and foster creative thinking. For more information, check out the Math Pentathlon website.


We need coaches for all divisions. Coaches should plan to attend the National Math Pentathlon Annual Workshop (see below) and commit to 2 hours of time each week for preparation and the meeting. Children of coaches are guaranteed a spot in the program. If interested in coaching, please email mathpentath@davisdolphins.org.

We ask that all parents involved in the program volunteer at least twice during the club sessions. As a volunteer you may be asked to:

  • Watch the kids during the break time on the playground
  • Sit with students to help keep them focused during explanations and game play
  • Escort students to the bathroom
  • Clarify rules during game play
  • Sit and play a game with a student
  • Check out and check in games

We need your full attention for our Pentathletes, so if you have smaller children, please arrange for alternate care or bring something they can work on independently.

Exceptions will be made in rare instances that it is not possible for either parent (or nanny, grandmother, or other substitute) to volunteer.


Please complete the application below. Applications close on October 1, 2019. Sign up does not guarantee a spot on the team as we are limited by the number of coaches we have.

Math Pentathlon Application

Parents will be notified via email no later than October 6, 2019 if their student has been selected for this year’s team. Parents will need to complete registration by signing up to volunteer for 2 club meetings, completing the Behavior Contract and paying the $20 registration fee at the main office. Financial aid is available. Parents are also welcome to attend the National Math Pentathlon Workshop on September 14, 2019.

National Math Pentathlon Annual Workshop

Saturday, September 14, 2019,  8:30am-3pm

This event provides in depth coverage of the Math Pentathlon games for coaches, rule experts and parents who wish to be involved in teaching the games to  children.

There will be breakout sessions for each of the three divisions.

Register for this event on the Math Pentathlon Website. If interested in attending, please email mathpentath@davisdolphins.org.