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PTA Financial Forms

Please email ptatreasurer@davisdolphins.org with any questions about the financial forms.

Davis Google Calendar Submission Form  

Please use the Google Calendar Addition Request to add all new events to the Davis Google Calendar. This goes to Harmony in the front office to add to the Davis Google Calendar. The Digest team then grabs everything off this calendar to add to the weekly Dolphin Digest Calendar bar. (Though still requires Digest submissions for articles.)  

Please email harmony.richardson@austinisd.org with any questions about the Davis Google Calendar.    

Dolphin Digest Newsletter Submission Form  

Please use the Digest Submission Form to submit all content requests for the weekly Wednesday Dolphin Digest Newsletter. This ensures the Digest team has all the information we need, and submissions are located centrally for easy reference (i.e. they do not get lost in emails). All content submissions are due by 12pm (noon) on Monday; though earlier is always appreciated. Any late submissions will be held until the following week’s Digest.  

Please email digest@davisdolphins.org with any questions about Digest content.    

Social Media posts (Facebook, Instagram & Class Dojo)

Please email ptasocialmedia@davisdolphins.org for all social media requests.  

Please note all social media requests are subject to approval and may be edited. Please provide content that is as short and succinct as possible, include any links, and provide any corresponding images to be included.    

Website updates

Please email webmaster@davisdolphins.org for all website update requests.

Please also send through any updates to the Committee Directory page if there are any committee chair/co-chair updates, and provide the personal email addresses to add to the committee email distribution list.  

Posters/Flyers on School Doors  

Please no covering the door windows with posters/flyers, as this is a safety hazard. You must use painters tape to adhere posters/flyers to the doors, to ensure the paint doesn’t come off.

PTA Plan of Work

Plan of Work  (PDF)

Notes for Committee Chairs: Plan of Works are needed before the end of April so that the budget committee can plan for next year.  Be sure to state how the funds will be used.  Only an overview is needed and the form shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to complete.  Email completed forms to ptapresident@davisdolphins.org or return to the office.