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The Grounds Beautification committee is dedicated to supporting sustainability efforts on campus and encouraging students to become lifelong environmental stewards. This group works on campus and grounds improvement projects that support teachers, staff and students. We also facilitate annual campus clean-up days to help keep our campus beautiful.

We need volunteers! Whether you like to get your hands dirty, help fundraise or coordinate projects – there are various ways to get involved.

Please email grounds@davisdolphins.org to help.

2023-2024 Grounds Beautification Project: The Meadow Capital Campaign

Davis Elementary School has been selected by local landscape company Native Son Gardens as the recipient of its Plant Community Pilot Project, a newly established nonprofit whose mission is to increase equitable access to nature by transforming unused spaces within Austin ISD into safe areas of play for kids to learn and explore. Valued at over $270,000, this revitalization project will reimagine the school’s front yard into a space that is welcoming to visitors and serves as a unique educational setting for students and staff. 

Through this partnership, Native Son Gardens has pledged to invest $6 for every $1 that is raised, turning an ambitious idea into an attainable goal. In response to their matching support, we have launched The Meadow Capital Campaign with a fundraising target of $45,000 to fully fund the project. Thanks to the overwhelming support of our Davis community, we are already over 90% of the way there!

The proposed landscape design will create a usable environment with six complementary areas that promote exploration and education through nature. This sustainable ecosystem of local flora and fauna is designed to be low maintenance and drought resistant as well as alleviate drainage issues and prevent current classroom flooding. These thoughtfully planned features will conserve school resources and allow future students to benefit from this outdoor learning environment for years to come.